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Who I am

I am a licensed attorney in the United States.  I am available for consultations on a range of legal topics from information security and contracts to constitutional issues such as freedom of speech.  I protect my privacy to safe-guard yours.  Contact me directly to discuss your needs and my pricing structure.

What I Do

My background, from before law school, was in information security, software development, and big data.  In law school I focused on intellectual property, contracts, and technology.  I have taken that background and education and formed a practice that encompasses many of the legal issues faced on the internet and related, darker, places.

I can help:

  • Review employment or independent contractor contracts
  • Help you determine work product, such as code or business process, ownership
  • Take steps to protect your intellectual property
  • Advise on freedom of speech issues from defamation (slander/liable) to open records laws
  • Create legal entities to manage liability
  • Manage business needs unique to web based enterprises

Contact me today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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